Argumentative Essay About Creative Writing

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Breath Before You Write it’s Okay!
Sabrina mosley
Bowling Green State University

I have always loved creative writing and the aspect of creating a story, but after coming to college i learned that i don 't do much creative writing. Everything in my classes are a mix between persuasive and argumentative writing. Im also not a big fan of writing argumentative essays because i had a college professor when i was in high school who was very strict. He didn’t like when student had their own ideas. He only wanted the student to work with what 's on the list he proved. In my opinion that can stud creative growth in writing. He would also has us find random sources for these essay that were already
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It can intimidate and discourage a student. In my case, I often don’t know where to start in an essay or have a hard time finding a topic. These articles talk about how in many cases students don’t know what to talk about or what to say in an essay. They all help and explain how to get around such a problem. Penfield (2010) states “often the best topic for an argumentative essay is one you come up with on your own, but at times you be assigned a topic. If so, your chances increase if you shape the topic so that you can connect to with it. Because you already know something about the subject.” (pg. 237) Penfield explain the importance of knowing what to write and what you 're writing about. Rosa and Eschholz also talks about this in their article as well. They go into detail on how it’s important not to think of argumentative essay as purely one type of writing, but, an essay on a spectrum Rosa and Eschholz(2015)go on to say “Most arguments are neither purely persuasive nor purely logical. A well written….. Present a range of logical arrangement of assertions and evidence , but it will also employ striking diction and other persuasive patterns of language to reinforce its effectiveness”(pg544) Irvin mention the importance of staying calm when your writing. In his article he explains that when you write it 's good to have an out line, but , you don 't necessarily have to have the whole paper written out Irvin say he bust the myth that “Writers figure out much of what they want to write as they write it. Rather than waiting, get some writing on the page—even with gaps or problems. You can come back to patch up rough spots.”( pg.4) All these authors explain how knowing where you want to take your essay when writing is the most important part. I know personally I can get caught up in meeting the requirements of the essay that sometimes I fall short in making it a well rounded
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