Argumentative Essay About Climate Change

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Climate is usually defined as the "average weather" in a place. It includes patterns of temperature, precipitation (rain or snow), humidity, wind and seasons. Climate patterns play a fundamental role in shaping natural ecosystems, and the human economies and cultures that depend on them. But the climate we’ve come to expect is not what it used to be because the past is no longer a reliable predictor of the future. Our climate is rapidly changing with disruptive impacts, and that change is progressing faster than any seen in the last 2,000 years (, 2017). Though the scientific evidence seems overwhelming in favor of climate change, there are those, for various reasons, who believe that climate change is a trick. This is disappointing, as the future of our planet is at stake, and the last thing we should do in this critical time is arguing whether or not our world is being destroyed. In order to enlighten those who believe climate change is not currently happening, I will present evidence that will show that climate change is real due to sea levels rising, frequent hurricanes and food and resource depletion. In turn, I will also answer the opposition.
The sea levels are rising at an extraordinary rate. Two reasons why sea levels are rising are because of the warming of sea water and the
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The sea level rising and the warmth of the sea through the global rise in temperature, helps to promote the strength and the frequency of the hurricanes. In just 2017 so far, we have 10 hurricanes and 6 major hurricanes in the Caribbean region. According to Dr. Parham, there are four major effects likely to occur as a result of climate change in the region. He identifies these as warmer temperatures which are already being observed; more natural disasters such as hurricanes, which are formed when sea temperature rises above a certain level; change in rainfall patterns and coastal

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