Argument in Favor of Gun Control

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“Almost twelve kids lose their lives every single day because of guns” (Capps). Most recently, two young boys were shot as they were leaving a high school football game. Soon, another year anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting will arrive. In this incident, two students opened fire on their classmates in Columbine. I cannot imagine the horrors of my fellow students being killed by guns! Many other related acts of gun violence have brought up issues on gun control. Debates have risen between citizens on how the government should establish stronger gun control laws. Despite the National Rifle Association strong objections against these issues, gun control laws must be increased.

Many citizens agree that gun control laws must be established, because of the recent acts of violence committed with guns. The gun control issues take a heated debate, because now kids are targets of gun violence. In the Columbine shooting, both students purchased their weapons at a gun show with the help of an eighteen-year-old friend (Sanko). If the gun show provider was forced by law to do a background check the two students wouldn’t have received the guns. As of right now background checks are only done on weapons that are purchased from federally licensed dealers. This is one reason for new gun control laws. The death of Kayla Rolland, on February 20, 2012, is a another reason for new gun control laws. Kayla was gunned down in her elementary school by a six year old classmate (Smolowe). The child obtained the gun with the help of his father. His father had left the gun on the living room table. As of right now guns are not required to have child safety locks. Moreover, kids can get guns without the help of a friend o...

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...their own classmates. Lastly, the control of gun manufacturing will decrease the availability of guns on the streets New gun control laws are important to the children of today and tomorrow. The power lies behind the government and unfortunately the National Rifle Association.

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