Argument for Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana has become one of the most controversial drugs in America. Ever since its cultivation began around 1611, marijuana has puzzled people with its effects. Many question marijuana?s classification as a schedule one drug. A schedule one drug is one that has a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value. Some argue that the war on drugs, in particular marijuana, has cost taxpayers billions and is wasting funds that could be used on more important tasks such as improving transportation or education. As drug arrests rise, so do the populations in state prisons. This has become an immediate problem with no real solution. The legalization of possessing small amounts of marijuana can contribute positively to the medical and economic world as well as cut down on the prison population.

Many people today use marijuana for multiple reasons. There will always be the teenager who tries it for the first time and enjoys the ?high? that comes along with smoking it. Besides those who smoke it for recreational purposes, there are those who need the plant as a form of medication. People suffering from a wide range of diseases and sicknesses such as AIDS and Glaucoma have claimed that it has benefited them. Numerous medical associations in the U.S. and abroad have done many tests to find the benefits and harms of marijuana. These tests come up with the same conclusion that marijuana is just as much if not more helpful than harmful.

Approximately 400, 000 Americans die every year from a smoking related illness. In 5000 years of recorded use, marijuana has never been linked to a single death, overdose, or acute toxicity (Schlosser 48). Many cancer patients have used marijuana to combat nausea and pain. AIDS patients hav...

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...wo percent of drug cases so the influence could not be measured accurately. In 1997, only 15 percent of state and federal inmates received substance-abuse treatment during their current terms. That number is down from 1991.

There will always be a group of people that find some concepts as preposterous. There were those who believed that watching a talking box would never be entertaining. There were those that laughed in the Wright brother?s face when they proposed the idea of a flying machine. The idea of legalizing marijuana may seem absurd to those who do not use it but for those whose life it will improve, it seems like a grand idea. There are products on the market that can compare to marijuana?s negative effects yet those products are legal. When will America wake up and realize the cry for the legalization of marijuana is growing louder than ever?

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