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Ripple Effect Argument Essay
Stacey Haney is a mother of two from Washington County, Pennsylvania. Stacey and her family lived near a site that was being drilled by a gas company. The family was promised by the company that there would be absolutely no issues with public water. However, problems became apparent when Stacey’s dog and pregnant goat died from arsenic poisoning. Soon, Stacey’s horses became sick and then sadly, her children and Stacy fell ill as well. The family encountered a series of stomach illnesses, liver and kidney pain, ulcers etc. Her children had grown so ill, that they were unable to attend school for almost two years. The doctors were able to detect arsenic poisoning in each family member from water consumption. In order to rid themselves of their illnesses, the family was forced to survive off of bottled water and eventually moved away to avoid further harm ("The Human Story"). Stacy and her family were victims of water contamination.
If better regulations would have been enforced on the drilling by the gas company, maybe Stacey’s family would still have their pets and home. Water contamination is an issue that effects people’s life physically and emotionally. Water contamination in public water can occur when water is not properly filtrated, pipes are not properly maintained, raw sewage leaks into the water system etc. Who is responsible for managing all of this from happening? The Environmental Protection Agency! The EPA is held accountable for all issues of water contamination in the United States and clearly they are not doing an efficient job. With this in mind, the EPA must make public water safer for people to drink, in order to prevent health hazards from water contamination.
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