Argument In 'Raw Faith' By Burkhard Bilger

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Pasteurized or Raw? Burkhard Bilger, the author of the essay “Raw Faith”, uses several literary elements. The main elements that Bilger focuses on logos, pathos, and tone. He hones in on the details concerning different types of cheeses and how the economy and cultural forces have shaped the artisanal cheese industry in the United States of America throughout the centuries.
Throughout the essay Bilger brought up many specific components. The first piece he includes is about The Cheese Nun. Known in her Abbey as Mother Noella, earned a doctorate in microbiology from the University of Connecticut. Focusing her research on the positive effects of decay and putrefaction as well as the odors and flavors of cheese. Bilger’s language towards Mother Noella is very genuine, and proper - Proper in the sense that he wants to showcase her achievements:
“In 1985, she took her final vows to remain at Regina Laudis for the rest of her life, earning the title of Mother. Yet her secular interests have only widened and deepened over the years. This winter she is completing a Ph.D. in microbiology, even as she helps shepherd the country through a culture war of an unusual sort: a war of cheese” (Bilger 309).
Bilger describes Mother Noella as if she is a selfless woman, which the leader learns from his attitude that she is a very caring and
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The essay establishes the existing United States regulations, which is a huge result of many medical incidents which the federal and state government analyzes for the safety of the people, whom have many concerns that are placed upon raw milk cheese. Bilger also reflects upon the growing market of raw milk products, as well as the potential re-appearance for upcoming dairy farms and artisanal cheese manufacturers, which will at least justify the government cost-charge and cost-benefit analysis examining the safety of all the raw milk

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