Argument Essay: The Price Of Organic Food

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The price of organic food is a controversial topic in today’s political climate. Many people have strong feelings about organic food and how much it should cost. The most intense opposing opinions are as follows. Some think that organic food should be bought and consumed by everyone, even at their high price. Others think that organic food is set at too high of a price for an average person to buy it. This issue is debated across the country on many scales. Some have even written opinionated and informative articles on the subject. The price of organic food is at a substantially high rate, making it available to a more limited crowd. Though there are many benefits from organic food, there are many downsides to as well that many people do not…show more content…
In the end, the two really don’t require that different amounts of energy. In this sense, organic farming is a good use of resources to produce pure foods. In Marion Nestle’s article called “Buying Organic Fruits and Vegetables Is a Personal Choice,” she talks about benefits of organic food. It has been confirmed that organic vs. nonorganic foods contain less pesticides than those produced on the typical non organic farm. Both of these facts are reasons why organic crops are considered to be very good for people to eat and produce. Organic foods, despite many of their downsides, should be made and eaten by people who can afford it. Although, their high price make it difficult for numerous people to afford to buy and produce food, there are proven facts displaying the benefits of organics vs. non…show more content…
David Lazarus talks about this subject of pricing in his article called “Is Organic Food Worth the Higher Price? Many Experts Say No.” Many people cited in this article do not think that there is a big enough difference in the quality of the food to justify how high the price is. To an even higher degree, some even supposed that organic food is not considerably better for you. This article is a valuable piece of writing that discusses how people will not buy something even if it’s most redeeming quality (for organic food, this is the the lack of pesticides) is not far ahead of its competition. Another argument made in this paper is that the word “organic,” when put on a food label, realistically meaning nothing. The producers of the food are able to use artificial ingredients in the creation of so-called organic food and still somehow allowed to refer to it as organic. Not to mention, they still charge a higher price for it. It was eventually determined, in the end of the article, that organic food should be produced and purchased by those who can afford it, but people should not go out of their way to buy it because its price is too high for the little benefits it provides against its competition. Bjorn Lomborg also discusses this topic in his article called “Organic Food Is For the Wealthy, Not the Poor.” He talks about how the price of organic food can
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