Argument Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration has been a problem in the united states for years now. I believe that this has gone on for too long. Millions of Illegals pour into our country every year for the wrong reasons. They find loopholes in our citizenship processes and take full advantage of it, I find it absolutely ridiculous how easy it is for them to come in this country and get the same benefits that hard working American citizens have worked years for. Not all of these Immigrants are here trying to reap the benefits of the American life, but most of them are. Some of them are willing to work hard and try to make something of themselves and start their own American dream I have no problem with that. I like to see when people have to work for something and earn it. I don’t like to see people expect a hand out from someone who has more than them, more than likely that person had to work very hard to get where they are. It makes me sick to see Illegal immigrants come to this country and expect to get something for free. Illegal immigration…show more content…
H.A. Goodman says that illegal immigration is good because they add to the work force and stimulate the economy(Goodman). He states that over half of U.S. farm workers are illegal immigrants. Even though this is true, we can not allow this to continue because not all of the millions of illegals are not farmers. Most of these immigrants and refugees are sitting up and taking all they can get for free from the government. I understand that most of these people come to this country with little to nothing at all and they have rely on the government for help. But this is one the main reasons why America is in the amount of debt it is in now. I can agree with Goodman on one point and that is that most of these immigrants are willing to work for almost nothing at all. But we can not afford to keep using our funds to keep these people in our
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