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Gun Control When we think about gun control, we think of the right to bear arms, we also think about the recent media uproar and endless debates regarding this debate, due to the rise of recent mass shootings using assault weapons all over the nation.

The Barriers surrounding this issue is that gun lobbyists believe such laws would violate Americans constitutional right to bear arms and that citizens need weapons in order to defend themselves from criminals and protect their property and possible government tyranny. The current controversy surrounding this issue is they are trying to pass a law that will put a limit on the amount of ammunition sold for assault rifles and weapons of high caliber. The initial debate began around the time
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As Hillary Clinton put it on the Today show, “We need to get these weapons of war off the streets. We had an assault weapons ban, it expired, and we need to reinstate it” Yes and No, yes we need weapons to be off the street, but no, will it work. Individuals tend to weapons either ways and banning weapon again does not mean terrorist like the Orlando shooting will stop. This is something that legislature will continue to struggle with establishing policies on gun control that are reasonable to society to agree on.

One of the economic factors about the gun control aspect is taxing individuals with guns. Based on the article of The Economic of Gun Control, “John Wasik 's recent essay at Forbes. Instead of a tax on guns, he recommends that gun owners be required to purchase liability insurance. Different gun owners would pay different rates, depending on the risks involved,” but the issue is that gun insurance is not always required in all 50 states, whereas guns can still be purchased illegally. The only difference is the sentencing with the Criminal Justice regulation

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