Argument Against Abortion

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Abortion seems to be just another term tossed around like any other. The word abortion has become very common around the world, whether illegal or legal. Being Pro-Life means that you are against abortion; a medical or surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy. Pro-Choice is the opposing side. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on whether or not abortion is right or wrong. Although, abortion should be stopped, because the killing of an unborn fetus is just as bad as murder; it is murder. Pro-Life keeps a heart beating. The question of when a fetus becomes a person remains at the center point of the whole abortion debate. Pro-Life groups believe that the fetus becomes a person once it is conceived. No one entirely knows when the fetus obtains a soul, but the heart starts beating within 18 days of conception (Fettner 11). In 1984, a movie entitled The Silent Scream was released to show the horrors of abortion. The movie portrayed an ultrasound of a fetus that was enduring an ongoing abortion. The fetus's arms were torn off after the dismemberment of the legs. The body was then torn off by the vacuum, all that was left was the head with a little bit of the fetus's spinal cord still attached. This abortion was done within the first trimester, the fetus was moving and it could be clearly seen that when the abortion was being done, the fetus was showing signs of struggling. This meant that the fetus can feel pain during just the first trimester. Even before the suction of the vacuum tip touched the fetus, the child began to thrash about in the uterus. The fetus became very agitated and started moving around in the uterus in a very violent manner. Before the vacuum suction tip could reach the fetus and dismember it, the movie sho... ... middle of paper ... ... sake not the human being living within her. Pro-Life keeps a heart beating. Works Cited "800 Abortions Occur Daily, says Minister." Africa News Service. 6 Dec. 2013. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 9. Dec. 2013. "Abortion." Current Issues: Macmillian Social Science Library. Detriot: Gale 2010. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 22. Nov. 2013. Fettnet, Ann Giudici. "Abortion." Compton's. Ed. Anthony L. Green. Vol. 1. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. 2008. 11-12. Print. "It's a girl! Joyful, Dangerous Words." America. 30 Sept. 2013: 9. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 11. Dec. 2013. Leone, Bruno. Bender, David L. "The Silent Scream Proved the Fetus is Human." Abortion. Ed. Jim Edwards. St. Paul: Greenhaven Press, Inc. 1986. 38-41. Print. "Roe v. Wade." Factcite: Lincoln Library of American History Online. Lincoln Lib. P, 2013. Web. 8. Dec. 2013.

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