Area Export Report: Locker Rooms

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Lighting is also an important feature of locker rooms. The lighting should be adequate enough for the space. There are certain lights that are to be used for the damp locations of a locker room such as the showering areas and their quality and price vary based on the materials used (Plaza, 2012). The locker rooms should be well-lit and the walls and ceilings should also be painted with lighter colors. By keeping the space light and bright, this also helps to avoid theft by not having dark areas and corners (Hightower, 2011). The lighting used also helps to bring out the comfort and warmth of the locker room space. This encourages the members to feel more comfortable and ‘at home’. (Dandes, 2014). There should also be vertical lighting around the grooming station and mirrors. LED lighting is the most common and sustainable light source to use in the humid and wet atmosphere. LED lighting is also decreasing in cost although their quality stays consistent (Dandes, 2014).

Other Amenities

Other amenities such as weight scales should also be put in a private section of the locker room. Many people are concerned with their weight and don’t want others to see (Shelley, 2011). Soaps, Shampoos, razors, wall sconces, and towels are also examples of amenities that clubs should have available for their members in the locker rooms (Shelley, 2011). Showers, soap dispensers, water faucets, towel dispensers, toilets, urinals, and hand dryers are also becoming hands-free and is done through motion activation. Locker rooms should also contain amenities such as internet access, whirlpools, and ice baths (Dandes, 2014). Ceiling height should also be above 10 feet in height to allow more space in the locker room and to make the locker ro...

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