Are we too dependent on computers?

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Have you ever thought of how people lived back then without computer and how now and day’s people cannot get of the computers. And spin hours on the computers and time goes by and next thing you know that you spent all your time on the computer. As the years go by the computers get better and people get more dependent on computers as the years go by and the computers get better. I am also going to tell you what other people thing about if we are too dependent on computers.
A website that I found talked about the society dependent on computers. The website said that people use computers in their everyday live. People also use computers to work and to do work. How computers are getting better as the years go by people are finding the jobs that they can do at home and not have to live their house. I think that it is good, because people that have kids do not have to think about look for a babysitter. It also said that there are “computers made for 3 year olds”. I think that it is not a good idea for a kid to getting a habit and start depending on a computer and a really young age.
It also talked about what is happening to the book. I guess that the books are not going to exists as the year go by. And then when we see a book it will seem weird to us. People are go connected with computers that when they need to figure something out they use a computer and solve the problem. They do not use a book and flip through the page to find the answer to the problem that they have. I think that people should get disconnected from computers and enjoy the real world, because as the year go by the world is also changing and we should enjoy what is real and not to what is not real.
I also found a website about what people thing about the people ...

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... depend on computers is that when we what to learn something new we can and faster and not take us forever to learn it. But a bad thing is that people depend on computers a lot and what would happened if the computers just stop working, people will freak out.
In conclusion, I think that people should not depend on computers that much and get disconnected once in a while. And live the life without computers.

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