Are the New Social Media Helping or Hurting Our Country?

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Are the new social media helping or hurting our country?
Social networking is a modern way for the society to connect and interact with people who share common interests such as favorite movies, songs, artists, et cetera. Some of the most well-known social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where we willingly share our information and daily activities. Accessibility to these websites acts as a great medium to reconnect and interact with friends and relatives in a quick manner. Additionally, social networking gives one an opportunity to meet new people online, expending the inner circle of friends. Information can become widespread quickly through videos shared with the public as well. However, there are many more consequences to utilization of social networks such as vulnerability in terms to privacy, exposure to child predators and serial rapists, low esteem, and a growing inability to connect with people on a personal level. It is for these reasons that social networking is not beneficial for society as a whole.
One of the major negative impacts of the social networking is a lack of privacy. While posting pictures and videos, teenagers are not taking privacy into consideration. Once the “Enter” button is pressed, the information in spread worldwide without possibility of being erased. Some of the provocative pictures or statuses ignorantly posted by teenagers might affect their college acceptance. The percentage of colleges seeking for information on social media is increasing annually. According to the Kaplan survey, 27% of admissions officers checked

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...Facebook “friends” are terrifying that causes a person with low-esteem to fall into depression. The statistics also show that the majority of the Facebook active users are not capable of handling long conversations on personal level. Teenagers can’t express their thought because they have no experience in face-to-face conversations.
Social networking has negatively impacted our society causing violation of the privacy, increase in criminal tension and more negative factors. It has more harms than benefits and needs to be closely patrolled by safety agents. Social websites created disagreements on all levels of the society causing conflicts in schools and families. Social networking can also cause low self-esteem and depression resulting in health disorders. The only way of decreasing previously listed problems is decreasing the time spent on social network sites.
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