Are children affected by domestic violence relationships?

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The outcomes of domestic violence on women are more commonly documented, but we know far less about how domestic violence impacts the children of those relationships. Many women in the United States that are affected by domestic violence try to make sure their children are not harmed by the people who hurt them. There is no denying that children who are abused experience a lot of pain. However, children who are witnesses to the abuse are also affected. Children who see their mothers being beaten could develop real issue later in life. They may develop emotional issues, behavior issues and even mental illnesses. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior in a relationship that is used by one partner to achieve and maintain power and also to gain control over another partner. It can be emotional physical or even sexual. Domestic violence can happen anywhere and to anyone but certain factors increase the risk, these include the mother’s age, poverty, unemployment, and alcohol and drug abuse . A study done in Canada found that women who lived with heavy drinkers were five times more likely to be assaulted by their partners than those who lived with non-drinkers. “Rodgers, K. ‘Wife assault: the findings of a national survey” Children who live in a home where domestic violence takes place will face many challenges that could last through out their whole lives. Studies have shown that a third of all children who see their mothers being hurt develop emotional problems and boys who see their fathers beating their mothers are ten times more likely to be abusers in their future relationships. “ domestic violence in families” Children also living in these home are more likely to experience aggression and antiso... ... middle of paper ... ...d whole life. Daily routines such as going to school and participating in after school activities are vital for child’s development and should be maintained. Women need to start reporting the violence in their homes, which will put their abuser away and also protect not only themselves but also their child. Works Cited Rodgers, K. ‘Wife assault: the findings of a national survey’. Juristat Service Bulletin, 1994, 14:1-22, cited in World Health Organization, ‘World Report on Violence and Health’, ed. by Krug, Etienne G., et al., Geneva, 2002. Sternberg, Kathleen J., and Michael E. Lamb. "Effects of Domestic Violence on a Children's Behavioral Problem and Depression." Effects of Domestic Violence 29 (1993): 44-50. Web. Osofsky, Joy D. "The Impact of Violence on Children." The Future of Children Domestic Violence and Children 3.9 (1999): 33-49. Web.

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