Are You Naked Online?

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Cyber Security is of extreme importance of this day and age. Ted Claypoole and Theresa Payton bring some light on what we have already done and what we can do moving forward in protecting our identities. Everything about us today is involving computer networking. Our society simply relies on computer and the internet more and more each year. It is necessary that we protect ourselves from online predators and from online attacks. With so much information online about each of us, we must take the necessary steps in order to protect our identity. Each and everyone one of us was born naked and the internet threaten to get us back with us exposing our thoughts and feelings. The information that we post is out there for anyone to gain access. There are many different types of internet personas. People in the past had no difference between their public and private life because they were only known by their neighbors, but today, with so many connections, people have differences between their public and private life. Some people have a whole different person that they are online versus who they are in person. Any information can be gathered online. There are ways to track what computer and the network from which something was posted. Not only can your friends see your online activity, but a 2009 studied showed that about 45% of companies scan social media sites. That number increased in 2010 from 45% to 66% that a different studied showed. You are the one exposing yourself through the social media. Not only can you expose yourself online, but your friends, businesses, our government, and the media can as well. There are many different ways that we are being “stripped” and exposed. When online, Claypoole suggests that it i... ... middle of paper ... ...ut of all of your apps or even not removing your SIM chip. You can create an alter ego by choosing to be someone else online. This can be a risky move creating another personality because it can be hard to maintain. It is important to avoid risky situations when online. This book was written for anybody to read and to be useful for all ages. This information can help anyone become safer online. Monitoring your activity will protect you against potential problems that could occur online. With times changing and technology increasing, it is important that you continue to protect yourself. As technology gets better, update your antivirus software to become stronger. Be smart when going online and stay safe. Works Cited Claypoole, Ted, and Theresa Payton. Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online? Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012. Print.

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