Are We The Cause?

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Should humans take some responsibility for global warming? This is a question that is debated multiple times. Global warming itself is debated, saying that human interaction is the main cause for such a thing in countless minds is outrageous. Various people strongly believe global warming isn’t real, while others believe humans had no wrong doing in the matter. There are various studies that have logical evidence that explains why humans are the main cause of an event like this. I believe that global warming is the after effect of human ignorance and the over usage of greenhouse gases. One reason for global warming is the over usage of non-reusable products. Global warming is the after effect of deforestations, CFCs (can sprays), oil and petrol engines, and greenhouse gases and fossil fuels. The neglect humans have shown Earth is due to the common mindset of “If I do this one factor, it isn’t going to impact the world in a huge way”. Here’s one main cause for global-warming: when humans began massive deforestations they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning an unprecedented amount of coal, gas, and oil. The over usage of carbon influenced the increase in temperature. Consequently, the glaciers in the Antarctic are beginning to melt rapidly because of the greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere. As the gases thicken, radiation is absorbed and reflected back into our atmosphere, which makes increases the overall temperature. It also contributes to the glaciers in the Antarctic melt slowly over a long period of time. We’re at the point in time that the world is giving us clear signs that our actions throughout the centuries have caused these life threatening outcomes. Furthermore, over the last century, sea le... ... middle of paper ... ...was something of pure beauty: I’m not saying Earth currently isn’t beautiful but it isn’t the same as it used to be. The air wasn’t as polluted and the water wasn’t as deadly for sea creatures like it is now. Next time you drive your car for an unnecessary reason like going to the store around the corner, think to yourself: “What can I do to help our Earth?” Works Cited SOMERVILLE, RICHARD C. J., AND SUSAN JOY HASSOL. "COMMUNICATING THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE." PHYSICS TODAY 64.10 (2011): 48-53.ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE. WEB. 12 MAR. 2014. PROTHERO, DONALD R. "HOW WE KNOW GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL AND HUMAN CAUSED." SKEPTIC 17.2 (2012): 14-22. ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE. WEB. 12 MAR. 2014. "STUDY FINDS GLOBAL WARMING MAINLY CAUSED BY HUMANS." CCPA MONITOR 19.4 (2012): 3. ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE. WEB. 12 MAR. 2014. HTTP://CLIMATE.NASA.GOV/EVIDENCE
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