Are We On The Cusp Of The Sixth Mass Extinction Event?

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We are on the cusp of the sixth mass extinction, as estimated the event to be occurring within 2200 years. Scientists have evidences supporting this statement with the extinction rates and magnitudes, and comparing the present conditions to the past “Big Five”—the previous five mass extinction events. Mass extinction is generally known as the forever disappearance of 75% of lives in the globe, therefore species lost is the main driver of such extinction events. With the current high extinction rates and increasing trend of extinction magnitudes, the sixth mass extinction is expected. Such event is mainly due to human impacts: pollution, over extracting of resources, invasion of non-native species, leading to abnormal changes in the Earth system, for instant causing a rapid and anthropogenic increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide level or coextinction of species. With the current situation, the sixth mass extinction might be similar to the Permian mass extinction event, the most disastrous in the past 540 million years. Human may also face extinction, expecting a rapid decrease in human population within several decades.

As titled: Are We On The Cusp Of The Sixth Mass Extinction Event? Yes, we are indeed, as we, here defined as all the lives on the Earth at the moment. And it is estimated that the event may occur as fast as 240-540 years (Barnosky et al., 2011). Mass extinction is times when the Earth loses more than three-quarters of its species in a geologically short interval (Barnosky et al., 2011). In addition, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences edited by Michael Allaby (2013), mass extinction is defined as the Earth has been taken place environmental catastrophe, removes many gr...

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