Are UFOs For Real?

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“Base Radar at the army’s 509th airfield outside the town of Roswell had been tracking strange blips all night on July 1, 1947... The blips would appear on one corner of the screen and dart across at seemingly impossible speeds for aircraft...Throughout that night and the following day, Army Intelligence stayed on high alert because something strange was going on out there...the Willmonts watched in awe as a bright oval object streaked over there house and headed into the northwest, sinking below a rise just before the horizon”(Corsco, 8,9). Does it make you wonder what that object was streaking across the sky? Why do the large complex patterns in cornfields called crop circles occur? What happened in Kecksberg, Pennsylvania that caused army and government officials to secure a rural forest and later transport a large unknown object out of it? (“The Unexplained: Extraterrestrials, A & E Networks). What is to blame for the strange sightings of unidentified flying objects, or unaccountable abductions? A great number of these strange and eerie happenings can indeed be blamed on alien and extraterrestrial life. One of the most famous supposed extraterrestrial incidents was the Roswell incident. “In the star light of the military searchlights, Arnold saw the entire landscape of the was like no airplane he had ever seen... He angles himself as close to the split seam of the craft as he could without getting in front of the workers with hazardous material suits who where checking the site for radiation. That is when he saw them in the shadows. Little gray figures” (Corsco,14). On that July 4th evening in 1947, according to the retired Colonel, Phillip J. Corsco, he tells his story that the government recovered the unidentified craft, and found several dead alien bodies. The government military personnel even killed a surviving creature that tried to escape. Most surprisingly, they captured a living alien being. According to Col. Corsco, who worked in the research and development program for the government, one of the main reasons the government covered the story up is because the craft had technology that no one had seen. They kept it secret within the government and only between scientists and officials they knew and could trust. They did not want the technology to fall into the hands of the Russian KGB, or any spies. ... ... middle of paper ... glance, you might feel that it is not a credible source. However, it was written by a very high ranking army intelligence officer. Whether he is lying or telling the truth, you have to decide. As for the crop circles, it is a very controversial subject. Because there are so many different crop circles that appear, there is no doubt that many are indeed hoaxes. However, do you believe that thousands of crop circles could be created every year by hoaxers? Similar to crop circles, UFO sightings are also controversial. Many pictures are easily faked with basic photography. Are all of the enormous number of pictures, video footage and sightings fake? Do you believe that none of the evidence collected related to extraterrestrial activity is legitimate? It is certainly an important topic because if aliens are indeed visiting the planet, we need to find out what they want. They could be coming to simply expand their knowledge of the universe, or they could be coming to take over the planet. If we all don’t take interest, we could end up at the mercy of a far more advanced civilization. Anonymous Extraterrestrials: Have They Visited Earth?

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