Are Too Many People Going To College: Is College Worth It?

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Is college worth it ? why should someone go to college ? Most people think college is the only logical option to a successful well paying future, that may or may not be true. In this essay I will be talking about the rhetorical situations of 3 authors each from different texts and a debate that all discuss this topic is college worth it. “Are Too Many People Going to college” by Charles murray, “What is college for” by Gary gutting “University 's Undergraduate Learning outcomes” by the textbook, and the debate “Are Too Many Kids Going To College”. As you can tell all these passages pertain to the same subject. For starts Im going to talk about the passage “Are Too Many Kids Going To College”. Charles Murray, an author from the american enterprise…show more content…
Gutting talks about college students as well as the faculty at colleges. One argument that he uses is “Teachers need to see themselves as, first of all, intellectuals, dedicated to understanding the liberal arts”. what he does by calling out the teachers like he is trying to say that the key to students futures is from the ones they are learning from, Making it clear who his audience is which is the Students and Faculty at universities. Before the article even started he Does an amazing job of drawing the reader in and making it clear what he 's talking about with the title “ What is college for?”. That question being a question whose answer is obvious to and americans society who thinks college is the only option. What I liked about Gutting approach is the way he used logos throughout his article, for example when he uses the Pew Research that show a positive correlation between a college and and a workplace and that having a college degree can defiantly help you in life after college . Also I like how he used counter arguments, in his next paragraph he talks about the failure of higher education and the proceeds to highlight what exactly those failure are ( like people…show more content…
Theil main argument that “ Kids need to think more of the future, not only that college is their only chance for a successful life and good career” He backs up his argument with the claims that people are coming out of college with more debt then their careers can cover. For starts he backs that argument up by talking about how lawyers are coming out of law school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt but only are making $65,000 yearly salary and thats even if they can get the job. But any how, Theils uses statistics to back up his claim, which can greatly impact the audience because using logos and giving people credible information will influence them to believe you cause they have solid proof. He also brings to light the conflict that in todays worlds there thousands of students with degrees that do not have a well paying job so they 're stuck with debt from college to get this magical degree that can 't even get them a well paying job after college. Theils partner in the debate is Charles Murray, Murrays main focus was that basically that colleges are doing it wrong, he says we need to be able to tell employers we know and what abilities we can offer, not where we learned it from and how look it took you. Murray backs up this

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