Are Too Many People Going To College Essay

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Do you wanna be a College Student?
Deciding whether to go to college is a question many adults of all ages ask themselves and if it is worth it? In “Are too many people going to college” by Charles Murray and “Colleges Prepare People for Life” by Freeman Hrabowski, the author’s discuss the opportunities in going or not going to college. Charles Murray is the W. H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He focuses on only a certain group of people should go to college: ones that are considered college ready referring to the research done by The College Board. Freeman Hrabowski was the president of the University of Maryland; also President Obama named him chair of the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans. His main belief is college should be available to everyone, because it better serves society to have more people educated. These essays will clarification why going to college will benefit people and how these authors feel college systems should be today. Both authors discuss the worth of college, but have distinctive ideas on who should go.
These essays are coming from different ideology views points. Hrabowski comes from the starting point of
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He says, “For a society of immigrants such as ours, the core knowledge is our shared identify that makes us Americans together” (Murray 236) he is implied that we must have this to be functioning society. He criticizes the system of teaching being used now; that it should not be taught is a way that “forces children to memorize boring facts… The facts can be fascinating (if taught right)”. (Murray 236) Murray also uses college readiness as a factor of who should go, “10 percent of American 18-year-old would achieve if they all took the SAT, in an age when more than 30 percent of 18- year-old go to college.”( Murray
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