Are The Major Causes Of Juvenile Crime Lack Of Parenting?

Are the Major Causes of Juvenile Crime Lack of Parenting?
“I think we attribute it [juvenile crime] to parents who need to pay more attention to their children,” Columbia County Juvenile Judge Doug Flanagan stated, “The problem almost always starts at home” (Mirshak 1). Simply not meeting a child’s emotional, mental, or physical needs can fall under the umbrella of “lack of parenting”; neglectful or abusive parenting is a definite example of a lack of parenting that can cause juvenile crime. Juvenile delinquency or crime usually refers to the violation of a law by a juvenile or minor (Gibbons 1). Parenting styles and crime rates are especially related when considering the criminal and antisocial behaviors of children and teens. The tight bond
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“Much learning takes place, particularly, in the first five years, to determine whether children have the social, emotional, and behavioral skills that they require to do well in life and to avoid serious problems” (Sanders 2). The importance of a child’s conscience should be top priority of parents everywhere. What humans learn in the first years of infancy and pre-pubescence will carry them throughout life as a teen and eventually as an adult. “Children attach to the rest of the human race through their first relationships with their parents” (Morse 1). How parents treat their children is usually how their children will treat others. Take a newborn and his or her mother and father, for example. Parents, especially fathers, are known for holding their nude baby against their bare skin. What is the purpose of this skin-to-skin contact? Research shows it has many health and psychological benefits for the newborn. The technique helps to build trust, which is essential in all relationships and what is lacking in many parent-child relationships today. Evidence suggests emotions and behaviors are built at birth through contact with

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