Are The Kids Really All Right?

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"The family I strained to hear no longer existed" (Welch 196). This quote is said by Liz Welch; she lost both of her parents at the age of 16 (Welch 168). Many people lose one or both parents at a a young age. In fact, "one in nine Americans lost a parent before they were 20 years old" (Zaslow 1). Losing one parent usually causes a person to have detrimental effects, so losing both parents will most likely ruin a person's health. Even though the Welch children, in the memoir The Kids Are All Right by Liz and Diana Welch, have grown up and seem well, growing up without parents can have negative effects on a person because the cultural impact of the book details the negative outcomes and the historical information and professional reviews provides a context for it. The historical information provides a background for the cultural impact. Dealing with loss is a part of the information. It is a hard thing to do: the Welch children had to that in their memoir. When dealing with loss children need a stable environment because they might think what they have done caused the death ("When" 1). Children can be easily swayed, so they might think up there own theory as to how their loved one died. Consequently, they might think of it to be their own fault; they have no one else to give the blame to so they drop it on themselves. Also, "children need help to cope with their grief when a parent dies" ("When" 1). Kids need someone to talk to. The person should have an understanding of children. Another part of this information is family. Family is necessary. Not just for the reproduction of mankind, but also for the physiological growth it develops (Lasch-Quinn 1). Being apart of today's family is more about providing love than in past decades. ... ... middle of paper ... ...le who were in grief as a child; there are programs in place to help because growing up orphaned can hurt. The Welch children grew up without their parents and turned out all right, but growing up without parents can cause one to have numerous negative effects because the cultural impact describes the negative outcomes and the historical information and professional reviews provide a context for it. The cultural impact shows the reaction of people to growing up without parents and the outlook of parent less children; the professional reviews provide information on the book and the historical information gives material over major topics in the book. The Welch children lost both parents while young: this is uncommon and leads to childhood grief. Children who lose one or both parents are now being helped because of the trauma and other detrimental effects they may incur

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