Are Tattoos A Culture Essay

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Tattoos Tattooing is something the most people do for many reasons. for example, they put a tattoo of the name of their parents, an animal or even their favorite cartoon or artist that they love or admire. Tattoos means something because it doesn’t matter if is a good thing or bad, people will talk about it. This research is based on how tattoos became a culture or problem in our society and religion. Are tattoos a culture or problem? That is the question that will be hard to answer because there 's many points of view about tattoos. Tattoos is a culture because people do it to show honor to their people that they love. People star make tattoos a culture in our society in many ways. For example some people made a tattoos for members of their…show more content…
4 Percent of americans are been discriminated by people that works with them and make it feel bad about it. According the “Tattoos statics” more than $1,650,500,000 are spending in tattoos, 45% of americans at least have one tattoo. Why are tattoos so popular in our society? Many people are said many reason some will tell they got it for someone in personal, some will tell you that they don’t have a reason they just like it and want one. Many people want a tattoo that they might not know the problems that they will have in the future especially in work or when they go and look for a job. Another problem will be if one member of their family need blood and they can’t find it, that will be a problem because just for a tattoo they can save his or her life. Some people will get offended because for some in their religion they take as an offence and people will be talking bad about of you…show more content…
One thing that people that do not know is the allergies that a tattoo can cause many people think that the allergies will come after been link but is not true. Allergies will come after it could pass months or even years that you can get the allergies. Your skin is pierced 50 to 3000 times per minute by the tattoo machine when you get a tattoo. Yes is true that more women are getting tattoos than men but is also true that women are remove it because women do tattoos of their boyfriends and they end up breaking

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