Are Standardized Tests Necessary?

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College is a big part of many peoples lives. Many of us would love to go to the college of our dreams but unfortunately our SAT and ACT scores are preventing us from even getting accepted to begin with. Some people may be great standardized test takers, but others (like me) are not that great at it. I think people should have the option to take either test, but it should not be required to be able to get accepted to college. Although the ACT and the SAT are important factors for getting accepted into college, I do not think they are necessary for a high school student in the future to take to be able to get into college. At most colleges today, you are required to take the ACT or the SAT to be accepted. While some may think that is fair, others may not. The SAT and the ACT are “inaccurate, biased, highly susceptible to coaching, and not necessary for making high-quality admissions decisions” (Schaeffer, Bob. “Debating the Value of the SAT, ACT.” The Washington Post. 07 Dec. 2009. Web. 22 April 2014 ). I know many people who’s grades in school are much better than their standardized...
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