Are Schools a Safe Place?

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Since 2010, there has been over forty five separate acts of terrorism to occur at schools across the United States. In almost four years the violent attacks at schools have surpassed the total number of incidents that occurred in from 2000 to 2010, the most disastrous thing about this statistic is; this decade is not even half way over (Johnston 2013). School violence is on the rise, unfortunately making school considered no longer a safe place to be. Typically people think of school as a safe zone primarily because it is a place of learning; where people have to lower their guard in order to learn new things. While learning a new concept it is difficult on its own, it would be very hard to also worry about other things such as school violence. Therefore school violence is almost always unexpected and usually unprepared for. In the students’ perspective, exterior violence is a matter that officials need to be responsible for and vice versa, the officials believe internal violence is a matter students can be responsible for. I will explain why schools are not safe, express my ideas to make schools safer, and even explore why some believe schools are already as safe as they can get.
The world has become a violent place overall, not only in schools. Consider the bombing at the Boston Marathon or the shooting at the Colorado movie theater. These attacks occurred in a place that they were least expected, which I believe is a factor in the plan of attack. As previously stated, school violence is on the rise, and the innocence of a school can be a leading factor. The best example of a schools innocence contributing to not being prepared for an attack is; the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Growing up, an event like th...

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...sly explained are already in effect, and can even be considered too much. Although these security features are only trying to make schools a safer place, people can consider them an invasion of privacy or making someone feel as if they are being watched at all times, although, as previously stated, school children do not have much personal freedoms anyways. Nonetheless if a person has nothing to hide, then they should view these security features as a way of protecting themselves.
School is no longer a safe place due to the tremendous increase in terrorism on schools, which I believe can be linked with the innocence of schools. Due to the fact schools are often a target of violence, both from outside the school and inside the school, safety precautions and using the correct actions in the event of an emergency will then make a school will be a safer place to be.

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