Are Politicians the Job Creators?

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People often say that we need government to protect us, whether it be from foreign attacks, disease, or financial panics. Many also say that they want government to give them things: free healthcare, free housing, or free food just to name a few. While the government does have a role in protecting its citizens and providing an infrastructure to facilitate commerce, one thing must be realized: the power that is granted to the government is from We the People. Government cannot survive without the hard work of private individuals, and a country’s economy cannot prosper without a free and vibrant economic system. Everything that the government does is due to industrious Americans working every day, providing for themselves and their families, and keeping our great American economy alive and strong. Politicians often see themselves as the job creators. In order to gain votes, many politicians claim that they can create “millions of jobs” and get Americans more take home pay, which was seen many times in John Stossel’s video No, They Can’t. When an economy is good, politicians like to take credit for it, saying they created the jobs. What is often failed to be realized is that government does not make good jobs; the private sector does. It is private businesses that innovate products and hire workers, not government. The best thing government can do to aid job growth is simple: get rid of unnecessary regulations, lower taxes, and make rules simple and easy to understand. These things do not even require copious amounts of wasteful stimulus spending. Government, however, often does the opposite, passing intricately complex business rules, adding to the virtually incomprehensible tax code, and spending money on economic stimulus like... ... middle of paper ... ...s could be paid to the government to provide government services such as roads and emergency responses. It is in fact because of people creating successful enterprises that the government is able to function at all, since the government’s tax revenue comes from We the People. Simply put, the solution to unleash the full potential of America’s free enterprise system is for the government to stay out of the free market. Government should not be passing legislation just to make people feel safer, but rather decrease the multitude of regulations drowning our economic capability. Politicians should also simplify our tax code and make filing tax returns actually understandable for someone without an accounting degree. By far, the best thing for government to do is to leave the task of keeping our free markets alive, strong, and unmatched in the world to We the People.
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