Are Pit Bullss A Dangerous Dog Or Dangerous?

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There has been a battle between Pit Bulls being a dangerous dog and their dangerous more because of the owner. Some people just say that Pit Bulls are born dangerous, because of the breed. Some people claim that Pit Bulls are dangerous, because the owner didn’t raise their dog correctly. In many cities they have banned breeds such as Pit Bulls. Others see Pit Bulls as a very friendly dog when it is trained to be well behaved, and actually like to rescue them for that reason. There has been tests done and facts stated to prove that Pit Bulls aren’t the problem the owners are. People claim that “Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous no matter how they 're treated, because violence is in their DNA.” (Alter, The Problem With Pit Bulls) Colleen Lyne…show more content…
Enos claims that “PETA seems to get a lot of press for their quotes in regards to their support of breed specific legislations. (Which has been proven ineffective, leading to ban lift after ban lift.” She also says “bites are public record...but, with the understanding that what you are looking at is a set of numbers without explanation...In 2005, at a local animal hospital in Charlotte, NC, a bite report had to be filed...a technician reached into an unconscious dogs mouth to find the source of bleeding. A very ill and sedated dog went into convulsions as a seizure came on, and the technicians skin was broken on her won’t find these details on the bite report...but you will find that a “bite” occurred by a pitbull.” She also says the other problems with these statistics is that “Greyhounds, Boxers, French Bulldogs, and Presa Canarios all come in brindle colorations but brindle colored dogs often get labeled as Pit Bulls.” Now just think of all of that when looking at the statistics of Pit Bulls having the most attacks. Of course they are on top, because so many other breeds have been added to the bite reports as Pit Bulls. On the bright side of the statistics recorded, according to the American Temperament Test Society, American Pit Bulls passed the test with flying colors. Out of 870 Pit Bulls tested for temperament 755 of them passed. That means 86.8% of them were well behaved, and didn 't have a temper. Out of all the breeds that were tested for temperament the Pit Bulls got 2nd place. Labs came in 1st, Mixed breeds in 3rd, and even the Golden Retriever, one of the most famous “family dogs” lost to the Pit Bulls and scored an 85.2 placing them in