Are Illegal Immigrants Good or Bad for This Country?

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For years immigration has been a major problem in this country for instance , people just can't decide if Illegal Immigrants are good or bad for this country. I think illegal immigrants are good for this country, because to me it helps the country grow economically, by helping increase employment, attracting tourists and it helps to export products to other countries. But I also understand those who are against immigration, because I know how inconvenient it can be to see immigrants coming to your birth country, taking jobs that cud have been yours and getting access to public benefits and programs. But According to (BECERRA) Illegal Immigrants do contribute to the economy. That proves, Illegal Immigrants do help the U.S. grow economically infect the he states that Undocumented Immigrants tent to contribute more money in taxes than they consume in services it proves that the jobs illegal immigrants take is jobs that legal citizens do not want, because they are low-wage jobs. And it also proves that undocumented immigrants consume more than legal citizens. But i Understand does who are against and say that illegal immigrants are actually hurting the U.S. economy instead of helping, because of their low-wages they pay less than a normal or high-wage person would pay for their taxes, so that don't do any difference to the economy. Yes I agree, but what they are forgetting is how many immigrants there is in the U.S. According to the "New York times" the number is around 11.7 million of illegal immigrants living in the United States and if the majority of this immigrants work on a low-wage job they do contribute to the economy. Another way Illegal Immigrants helps the U.S. is by attracting tourists, according to a press release on th... ... middle of paper ... because of cheep labor helps them save money. The majority really cares about this country like any other legal citizen, and they create business thinking about how they cud have a better life without hurting the economy. Although Illegal Immigrants violates the law in the way they come into this country, their help our economy grow by paying tax, attracting tourists, or by creating successful businesses that helps increase employment for us and also export goods and services to other countries. And that proofs that they really care about this country and their are not only thinking of making money and going back to were they came form the majority come here to start a new life and they love this country like any other citizen. That is the reason I think Illegal Immigrants do good for this country and in away or another we need them. Works Cited Controversial
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