Are Humans More Violent Than Others?

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We all come into the world is an empty as a blank sheet of paper but we all know that there are certain things that just come natural as we grow. As we are nurtured there are certain things that stimulate our emotions such as our connecting to other human beings. There are certain connection that we get from people or other materialistic things. Yes humans are biologically predispose to be violent. There are certain situations and environments that will trigger certain emotions that will make us humans be violent towards one another. Human society and the relationships that they have amongst each other sometimes create conflict and tension amongst each other. One things for sure there are some things that make humans become more violent than others. The real question is what makes some humans more violent than others, is it there background or environment? To a lot of people it is somewhat offensive to say that most people are a product of their environment, because there are people who were born in good environments and ended up bad and there people who were born in a bad environment and ended up successful but on both ends they learned things that they could not shake and violence is on if you grow up seeing wrestling and fight all the time you are prone to fight and wrestle not saying that a person will just walk around looking for a fight but if someone hurts or them they are most likely to react in a violent way. Now for a person who has never has a fight or seen some one fight when they are violent it is out of instinct. Meaning if they had to be violent it would because it is there last resort. There is something about the genetic makeup of the mind that allows us to be violent. Humans are just naturally born with aggress... ... middle of paper ... ...if or for a reaction. There is no one thing that can tell how or why human are violent, but we know that they are and sometimes it stems from their child and a lot of time it just happens but we know from certain situations such as the one like the Stanford prison experiment that human can be violent. Humans can, and do, engage in a wide variety of aggression. However, being aggressive is not our the first behavior that comes to mind. There is insufficient evidence to argue that we have evolved a suite of specifically aggressive behaviors to succeed in the world. Dr. J Archer says that In fact, it is largely our abilities to get along and to negotiate complex social problems, with and without aggression, that make humans one of the most successful species on this planet. If you really want to think deeply about aggression, violence, abuse, warfare, and human nature.
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