Are Healthy School Lunch Options?

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Are healthy school lunch options at Saint James really an option? Healthy lunches are vital to create a healthy society. Healthy lunches can set children up to live healthy lives and can also teach the importance of nutrition. At my school, Saint James, we have anything but healthy lunches. Our lunches are loaded with high amounts of calories, fat and carbs, and let’s not forget about grease! Healthy school lunch options at Saint James School are a serious issue. Saint James has to take action to help its students in a positive way and set them up to have a healthy life in the long run. Students eating healthier affects not only their health, but also affects their performance in the classroom. Healthy school lunch options will help parents also.What students eat in school will affect the way they eat as they get older. Saint James School does many things to benefit their students. Giving the students healthy lunch options is definitely not one of them. In a poll given to sixteen Saint James students, fifteen of them answered that Saint James did not provide healthy lunches. All five days of the week do not include fruits or vegetables. Monday is a Moe’s burrito filled with either chicken or beef, rice, and black beans. The burrito also comes with chips and salsa. According to, a beef burrito with rice and beans has 785 calories, twenty-five grams of fat, one-hundred grams of carbs and 1,435 milligrams of sodium. The amount of sodium in the burrito is sixty percent of a person’s daily nutritional value. On Tuesday, the lunch is a personal pizza from Folcarelli’s topped with cheese or pepperoni. On Wednesday, we have a cheeseburger from Mugshots, along with bag of Miss Vickie’s barbecue chips and two chocolate chip cook... ... middle of paper ... ...ver packing a lunch/buying the old school lunches. Healthier school lunch options can help many parents out with something as simple as getting rid of the hassle of packing a lunch. Some healthier lunch options may cost a little more than the normal lunches Saint James has now. Depending on where the school would get the food from, a reasonable estimate of price increase is seven cents to around a dollar (Wolfgang). Some people may not want to pay an increase to an already high priced school lunch. In a poll given to sixteen Saint James School students, fourteen said that they would be willing to pay the increase in price for healthier school lunches. For those not willing to pay for the higher priced lunches, packing a lunch or having lunch brought to the school is always an option. In the end, a slight increase in price for a healthier life is all worth the while.
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