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We Are Family Big families are inherently closer than smaller families.There is a lot of evidence to support this claim some of it coming from television, but most coming from everyday life. Big families have a tendency to go through more colorful experiences than smaller families. We may drive each other crazy but that’s part of what brings us together. The best example I can offer of this would be my family. There are seven kids in my family, two of whom no longer live at my house, and it is rare for a week to pass with out us speaking or hanging out. My brothers and sister are my best friends. We can usually be found on weekends having out together. There are a few things that can be either a blessing or a curse. One of them is a large…show more content…
The movie centers around a ginormous family who starts out a little rough around the edges. You see a lot of problems at first. Their quirks seem like problems that need to be fixed. As the movie continues we see that their flaws and quirks help bring them closer together. In the end they wouldn’t trade their massive family for the world. Even looking at my own mother’s, relatively, large family they are extraordinarily close. My mother talks to her brothers every day. Looking back she can hardly believe that they became so close, especially considering she used to hit one of them with a hair brush to wake him up. Another story that highlights what it’s like to have brothers would have to be the time my uncle was dating two girls at once. It was night time, my mother was asleep on the couch, when suddenly she heard screeching of tires on the driveway. She then heard the sounds of a car that was most definitely stuck and trying to get out. Suddenly two girls, sisters, who went to her school, came through the door. “Tell that no good, cheating brother of yours to get down here we’re stuck”. “Which one”, asked Mom. Apparently my uncle Todd was a bit of a player in high school, which was especially awkward considering they were…show more content…
My grandma and grandpa had gone away for the weekend leaving the three boys in charge, a fateful mistake. Being three rambunctious teenage boys they, of course, decided to throw a party. The next day mom came back from staying with a friend and found them unworried by the mess. She was afraid to get in trouble, so she cleaned up the mess from their party so they wouldn’t get in trouble. To this day grandma still does’t believe her boys threw that party. Though this seems like it would drive them apart, it has actually brought them closer together. You’ve never seen a more rowdy crowd then Mom’s family when they get together. All of those very infractions brought them closer together as the years go by. Having a big family can feel like torture especially when you just want to fit in. Your siblings are always there to embarrass you in front of your friends and crushes. They have more black mail than anyone else and aren’t afraid to use

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