Architecture and Roland Barthes

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As denoted by Roland Barthes, architecture is all about dream and function, expression of utopia and instruments of a convenience. Architectural designs are a symbol of expression of brilliant ideas that people would wish to pass across. Some may be viewed as fiction while others base their thoughts on achievable dreams given time. A diagrammatic presentation of perception or thoughts is what architecture entails. Though simple a diagram may look, the sophistication that comes behind it is what concerns many architectures.
A lot of different interpretations and themes have been developed through architectural master pieces. E.g. The architecture piece of 1974. This piece revealed an ongoing struggle within the mind. This shows that architectural pieces would always have some meaning behind the general appearance.
Architecture and culture
A contentious yet valuable argument on the reciprocal influence between architecture and culture exists forcing theoretical interpretations into play. This projects aims to examine some to the architectural works of Meis van der Rohe to help elaborate the argument further. Research on his projects will help understand how efficient presentation of particular cultural values is done by the architectural works
Literature review
Review of architectural projects will enlighten the researchers on the thought of other scholars about the link of architecture and culture through
Architecture as an instrument of culture
Architecture is hereby viewed as a dependent variable on other independent variables. Not only is it dependent on culture but also depends on political and socioeconomic factors. It has been established that architecture represents the values of culture since it reconfirms t...

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Critical architecture and architectural critic
Despite his isolated way of reasoning far from cultural beliefs, Mies studies were also met by a variety of limitation. The authority of architects though exists, is very sensitive. Their conscious mind is aware of the cultural surrounding s and history. This factors would also affect their choice of presentation.
There is no a clear index to help measure or differentiate how one critically examine an architectural object using s temporal or spatial interval. Also, even though the architectural designs or building would reflect some cultural reality, they would not reflect it with perfect form. It is also difficult in knowing what distance is maintained by architectures from culture.

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