Architecture Throughout History

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Architecture has changed immensely throughout the course of history. I will start of by saying architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. Therefore that said we have improved our way of building structures to make them last and look magnificent. All through this essay I will discuss how architecture has changed throughout history in four sections. The first section will cover architecture from the 10,000 B.C.E to 1 C.E. Second section will cover architecture from 1 C.E to 1,000 C.E. The third section will cover architecture from 1 C.E to 1,800 C.E. Last but not least the fourth section will cover architecture from 1,800 C.E to current day. Throughout all of these time periods architects have played a big role in architecture from Michelangelo to Ludwig Mies, they have all made a contribution to the beautiful art that is architecture. Architecture from 10,000 B.C.E to 1 C.E was somewhat unique. During this time period Architecture varied greatly due to the fact there were so many civilizations out there with totally different cultures and locations therefore changing the way structures were built. In Egypt due to the scarcity of wood Egyptians had to rely more on mud brick and stone to build their structures. Ancient Egyptian houses were made out of mud collected from the Nile River. It was placed in molds and left to dry in the hot sun to harden for use in construction. Most of Egyptian structures and monuments are based upon religion. Massive structures characterized usually by thick, sloping walls with few openings, was a method used to stabilize the mud walls. Since the arch wouldn’t be invented for another hundred years, they relied on closely spaced columns and external wal... ... middle of paper ... ... you back in time and shown you have architecture was back in the olden days it’s time to summarize everything. As you might have learned from me architecture has really changed over the history of mankind and in many good ways. We went building structures out of sun dried mud to building them out of steel and concrete. We were revolutionized by many talented architects like Hemiunu and Ludwig Mies. Without some ideas and architectural advancement from our ancestors we wouldn’t have some of the things we have today. So we should really thank our ancestors coming from every corner of earth for the things they have given us. I personally really love architecture. When I grow up I want to be an architect, that’s my life’s goal. With that said this topic was really close to my heart. I hope you learned something new reading this essay. Thank you for reading.
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