Architecture Of The Himeji Castle

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The Himeji castle was built in Himeji japan on high ground in the city. The name of the hill on which it was built is Himeyama hill. This castle is known as a prototypical Japanese castle. From the looks of the castle, right away you cal tell it is Japanese and it it well made. The architecture of the building dates the style of the building according to Japanese culture. The start of the himeji castle project began in the early 1300’s. However, the end of the himeji castle project ended in the the late 1700’s. This was due to the amount of expansions that the castle went through during the years. The first expansion started in the year 1581 when Hashiba Hideyoshi decided to add a three story tower to the castle. This addition to the castle is called a keep. A keep is basically a castle tower within a castle. The keep was first originated around the medieval time period. A keep was designed to be a last resort in the case of an emergency. So if the rest of the castle should parish, the the keep would be intact. The origin of this tower is totally credible to the time period of modernization in the 1500’s. The last restoration and modernization done to the castle by rulers of the castle happened close o the time that the last restoration took place. Honda Tadamasa who ruled over the himeji domain for around fifteen years added a complex of buildings to the castle. The construction of this portion of the castle took only around a year to complete.After this no more additions to the castle were made by any kings or rulers. The Civilization of the himeji went through its reign of rulers and warriors. The reign of the rulers lasted anywhere from five to forty years in length. Beginning with the first documented king of Akamatsu Nor... ... middle of paper ... the Tadazumi family. One of the most interesting crests resembles a christian cross. He was the only Christian ruler to rule over the himeji castle. Tadamasa, one of the rulers of the castle built a part of the castle that was a mansion. He lived there with his wife and children. This building unsurprisingly was one of the biggest parts in the castle. It consisted of more than forty rooms which most of the people that worked in the castle would live. So instead of this mansion being only for the rulers of the castle, it was used for all of the people of the castle, like a living quarters. The name of the mansion was Chusho Maru. This castle style was taken from A similar castle in Kyoto japan named the Fushimi Castle. A lot of this castle was made up of parts from castles in japan. A lot of them have similar styles in construction. Inside some of the rooms were

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