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My job is being an architect I feel like being an architect is a job I would like to pursue. It takes a lot of commitment and desire to become an architect. I like this job because you can be your own boss, people respect you, you can make a positive impact in people’s life, and you can have a lot of free time. Architects are also ethical and responsible. I am also very creative, being creative allows you to make structures that have not been made before. You could also win commission contests for major projects you have made. You also have to be responsible and kind to people.
The history of this career goes back to the Greek people (200b.c) who used gypsum plaster, clay, and bitumen to build and construct walls that they connected to form a building. They first started building by using mud to make gypsum, plaster, clay, and bitumen. The first trained architect was Benjamin Latrobe who moved to the U.S. in 1796. He has been called the father of American Architecture since he died in 1820 of the yellow fever. In the 1800’s any skilled person could become an architect. They got their training from Ecole des Beauty-Arts. The AIA (American Institution of Architects) was founded on February 23, 1857. Charles Eliot Norton was the president of the AIA when they were founded. It also aspired scientific and practical perfection of its members. In 1857, Illinois was the first state to adopt licenses for architects.
Approximately 141,200 people are employed in Architecture around the U.S. The median pay for an architect is $35.14 per hour. The people in this career has been increasing science 2002. There are more males in this career than females. The jobs related to architecture are: construction manager, cost estimator, plumber, str...

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... stay in this career field. I like it because you have a lot of free time and I will be able to spend a lot of time with my family. I will be able to go to all my kids sporting events. This job meets my needs and I feel that I will be successful in this career field. This job will allow me to raise a successful family. I will also eventually become my own boss and own my own business. Being a boss lets you be over your whole crew and make your own hours and set the pay for other crew members. If you work hard you can retire at any age you want depending on your health. If you are in bad condition you can retire early and settle for a retirement plan. Most of the architects stay healthy through their career. Also most architects have families and are successful in life. My life plan is to get in this career and start my own business, raise a family and be successful.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that being an architect is a job they would like to pursue. they like this job because they can be their own boss, people respect you, and they are ethical and responsible.
  • Explains that the first trained architect was benjamin latrobe who moved to the u.s. in 1796.
  • Explains that 141,200 people are employed in architecture around the u.s. the median pay for an architect is $35.14 per hour.
  • Explains the general duties of an architect to construct industry and design new buildings, extensions, or alterations to existing buildings. architects work closely with their client to make sure they are satisfied.
  • Explains that both male and female architects work in this career, but there are males in it than females.
  • Recommends taking art classes, math, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and geometry to become an architect. under graduate degrees require 8 semesters of studio work.
  • Describes the career fields that are related to architecture, such as landscape architecture which helps with planning, carpentry design exhibition industrial design which allows you to work on museums, architecture design furniture design interior design civil engineering which renovates houses.
  • Opines that there are plenty of places in lubbock texas where you can apply for an architect career field. they would ask their friends carson, ezra, and dereck for recommendations.
  • Explains that an architect working in texas will earn $1,573,800, $37.83 hourly, and $6,000 per month. if you have a master's degree in engineering, you will make around $1,000 extra every month depending on where you are located.
  • Explains that as an architect, you get paid vacations, retirement plans, and insurance for medical, vision, dental and life care. the dangers you encounter while on the job are falling equipment and debris from the structures above.
  • Explains that you can advance in this job, but first you need to prepare drawings and documents, and also do research on building codes and materials. after becoming licensed and gaining experience, you may become a partner in an architectural firm.
  • Opines that they would like to stay in this career field because they have a lot of free time and will be able to spend time with their family.
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