Archimedes: An Important Greek Figure

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Archimedes was working diligently in his lab. He was sitting there pondering and writing furiously. He was perfecting every mark on his paper until every single digit was flawless. He was creating some of the most important concepts that would change modern life forever. He not only invented, but at the age of 15, had mastered most of the knowledge that a normal teenager would not. Archimedes, a famous inventor and math wizard, was known for his many life changing inventions, his intelligence in mathematics and sciences, and his amazing, but very busy and challenging life in general.

In order to learn about whom Archimedes was, researching his life and background is beneficial Archimedes had a rather normal life, but held chances that not everyone else would be able to have. He was an average young boy with dreams. Crepeau (2006), states that “he was born in the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily in 287BC” (p.2). A person’s parents also have a major effect on the type of person they will turn out to be when they are an adult. According to Crepeau (2006), “Archimedes was the son of an astronomer named Phidias” (p.2). Astronomer’s deal with a lot of math and science, so it only seems natural that Archimedes would have a lot of interest in these topics as well. According to Crepeau (2006) “Archimedes was a famous Mathematician. He was the first mathematical physicist. He was also an astronomer, philosopher, and engineer” (p.1). A lot of intelligence and responsibility is learned from those topics as well as being able to meet extraordinary people and see extraordinary things too. According to Calinger(n.d), “Archimedes was asked to find out if King Herio’s crown was made out of pure gold”(p.2). That must have been a great ...

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