Archetypes In Sunday Sunday

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Every story that is read contains archetypes, which is a certain person or thing that is expressed in stories, myths and many other forms of art and literature. The story of Sunday Sunday has many archetypes within it, but the ones that stand out most are the archetypes of Saving the Enemy, Fog, and Love Angles. These archetypes stand out the most because they are found in many childhood classics like Cars and Beauty and the Beast, making the audience familiar with these types of characters and situations. The reason why archetypes are used is because humans have a collective unconscious meaning that people like what they are used to; therefore whenever a story is written it uses these archetypes to make multiple interpretations of the same story, resulting in the fact that there are no new stories. Miguel's actions toward Rubén during the race demonstrate the archetypal situation, Saving the Enemy, in which a character sacrifices something they have been working towards in order to save their enemy. After Miguel heard Rubén’s pleas for help the text reads, “He remained rigid a movement, puzzled, and then it was if Rubén’s desperation stifled his own, for he felt his courage and strength return, and the tightness of his leg relax” (258). This presents the scene in which Miguel decides to put away his wants, of winning the race to prove he is better for Flora, to save Rubén from drowning due to a bad cramp that occurred during the race. The line of text which reads, “... it was if Rubén’s desperation stifled his own…” stages the idea where Miguel tells himself he needs to really think what is more important, his desperation to be with Flora or Rubéns desperation to live; it was not till then that Miguel realized he needed to put t... ... middle of paper ... ...archetypes make it so there are no new stories. As shown by the story Sunday Sunday archetypes are used in all stories to make the reader better understand and enjoy the story. Sunday Sunday shares archetypes with other stories like Saving the Enemy with Cars, or The Fog with The Book Thief, or Love Angles with Beauty and the Beast which just shows that there are no new stories since these same archetypes are being repeated over and over again in different interpretations of stories. However, this is not a bad thing because people like what they are used to, since they have a collective unconscious, which is why archetypes exist; so that every story can be enjoyable and understood by people. Archetypes are one of the most important parts of the story because they are what the people like and what the people like is familiarity which is why there are no new stories.
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