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The Journey of Two Archetypal Heroes The hero’s quest is a literary spectacle that proved to be versatile in its key ideas, as the plot has shown up in ancient texts, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, and continues to form the basis of the literary works of international writers. In Mesopotamia, the first literary work that represented the hero’s quest was established and the scripture read about a conceited king, Gilgamesh, ultimately facing and escaping the perils of death for the time being only to be reborn, in a mental sense, as a new ruler that finally understands why the gods would grant him absolute supremacy over the people of Mesopotamia. Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, allowed him to intertwine his own hero to the…show more content…
Gilgamesh and Enkidu decided to hunt down an ancient evil in the cedar forest, Humbaba. This would be the first moment that this king with absolute power would leave his ordinary life behind in order to begin his destiny in the cedar forest. Gilgamesh, as well as everyone else, has never dared to even cross the outskirts of the cedar forest; it is unknown territory for the king to cross. In the cedar forest, Gilgamesh and Enkidu encountered and slayed the monster guarding it known as Humbaba, but this task proved difficult if it was not for the aid of the god Shamash. The first instant where Mulan crosses into an unknown world is when she heads off to the camp to join the other men in the army. A mental barrier first occurs within Mulan; she does not believe that her disguise as a man will fool anyone in the army, but she strides on with her destiny, which she thinks is to protect her father and family. In the army, it is difficult for Mulan to adapt to the strict rules in the beginning because her life at home was completely different, especially what her family expected of her. Mulan persevered through the arduous army training and became even more cunning than the other male soldiers. Towards the end of each story, both archetypal hero must face the death of others. Mulan’s identity was revealed, so her army left her alone in the snow, but even after the elite of the Chinese army perished, she raced towards the Imperial City to warn the remaining soldiers. At this point, Mulan is shunned by the army for her lies, so they do not believe her when she warns the army of the approaching Huns. Here, Mulan understood that she would enter a dark place where death could possibly await her, but she continued with her

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