Arab League Fails to Promote Peace in Middle East

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Statement of Research Problem

This essay sheds light on the theories that are elaborating the role of international and regional organizations in today’s world politics. Then, Arab League will be given as a regional organization. Although it has achieved some potential, but it could not be totally successful in maintaining security and prosperity to Arab world, especially for Palestinians.

Research Questions

This essay is trying to find the answer for these questions:

1-Why do regional organizations and institutions emerge,

2-What accounts for their variation in design, and what are their effects?

Significance of the Research

While scholars are indicating international and regional organizations as potential players in today’s world politics, studying the role and evaluating these organizations should be concerned by researchers. Arab league is an international organization that all Arabic countries are member of this organization. The failure of the League to maintain security and political stability means almost all Arabic countries are in danger of having security instability and political crisis. There are many cases that could be seen as an indicator for the League’s failure.

The main argument

This essay argues whether Arab league is successful to achieve its goals, in promoting stability and security in Middle East, or not.


Different scholars, and theories, are elaborating variety of meaning and function for international institutions and organizations. Rationalist scholars, while defining international organizations, are concentrating on power, state efficiency, or domestic politics as core analytical categories (Mearsheimer, 2003: 32).

For neoliberals international institutions reduc...

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