Arab-Israeli Six-Day War

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This report will examine the Arab-Israeli Six Day War the people, resources, consequences and with facts from several reliable sources. To truly understand what occurred to start this historical event. You have to examine the events that lead Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian people to conceive war. Israel has always wanted peace with all neighboring nations; however these nations insist on destroying the Israelis without regard for their existence. The Soviet Union gave Damascus a report that alleged a massive military buildup in preparation for an attack, Israel denied the report. Syria made the decision to invoke its defense treaty with Egypt. By May 18th large masses of Syrian troops were prepared for battle along the Golan Heights border. The UN removed their Emergency Force remaining silent while the Arab nations tried to annihilate Israel. The Israeli conflict changed forever the way all Arab nations perceived Israel’s government. This strip of land running along the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea once was a sleepy sparsely populated small section of Syria. There were wildcats, jackals, hyenas, wolves, foxes, and even leopards in the unpopulated sections. The boarders of Palestine were not well defined, the east side merged with the Jordanian plateau, the south ran parallel to the Arabian deserts, and the northern border merged with the gray mountains of Lebanon. It was a small piece of land that only measured a little less than two hundred and fifty miles long and fifty miles wide. The different historical perspectives about the Six Day War produced writings as soon as the military cease-fire was in place. Many different people from the Israelis, Egyptians, Jordanians’, and the Palestine interpreted the war differently. History indicates that the Israeli nation received its inception when the British issued

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