Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Arab-Israeli Conflict Palestinian citizen el-Hobeishi was a suicide bomber and gave his life when he planted a bomb in a railway station in the northern town of Nahariya. Hamas which said it was responsible for the bombing has found its first suicide bomber from Israel's Arab minority. All previous candidates have been Palestinians from the West bank and the Gaza strip, who do not have Israeli citizenship. He had no causes to give his life, as it is usually people in refugee camps who have no citizenship that would be chosen. The P.L.O. would have agreed about the suicide people but not openly as it is for their good. On September 2000, 800 Palestinians were killed due to Jewish extremism retaliation. Live ammo was used on Palestinians stone throwing, the Israeli army was brought in to shoot people stone throwing. Was this a proportionate response? Why did they shoot and not arrest? No police were involved. Each has a long standing claim to the homeland The Palestinians lived in tribes and were part of the Roman Empire, the Jews were driven out and the Arabs remained. Israel, In 70AD +130AD, Jews revolted Roman Empire because they were organising the area and charged taxes. The Jews spread to: Russia Europe Eastern Europe North Africa 2) a) Why did it seem possible that peace might have been achieved in the early 1990's? Well, it seemed possible that peace may have been achieved during the 1990 Gulf War when the P.L.O. lost its funding from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia who were generous to the P.L.O. but their financial support was cut off and 400,000 Palestinians working in the Gulf states were expelled from work. The loss of $10 billion between '91-'93 hit the P.L.O.'s ability to fund schools and hospitals for poor Palestinians. This was all due to the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi forces. Its oil rich southern neighbour. A united nations force (American with British, French participation and support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia)

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