Apust By Jon Cozart

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Have you ever wondered why, Disney tales all end in lies? This is what happened when all their dreams came true. Popular YouTube channel ‘Paint’ aka Jon Cozart's creates four simultaneous versions of himself singing as four major Disney characters, as if they were displaced in the real world – by wayne allen Brenner, 2013 posted back in February 2010. That takes on some pretty serious social issues today; he uses parody, humour and hyperbole to show the satirical devices through out his video. If you have ever wondered what happens after "happily ever after," well, you're in luck. Cozart’s viral video has four Disney princesses, he sings about after the ‘ever after’ he includes some pretty controversial issues, Ariel is dealing with pollution, Jasmine is troubled with the war on terror, Pocahontas dying of disease and Belle is being charged with counts of bestiality. √ The video now features over 31 million views, according to Cozart’s he states ‘thanks to BP’ ‘Bestiality’, ‘Disease’ and ‘Osama bin laden and the war on terror’. This isn’t a very fortunate ending; pretty predict...

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