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1. What did local blacks think of white volunteers in the Freedom Summer project (Documents 26.7 and 26.8)? What were the advantages and disadvantages of bringing white volunteers to Mississippi? - The blacks were not totally against having the white volunteers in the Freedom Summer project. The whites believed that it was their duty to make the blacks learn to like them. The whites wanted to build schools for the blacks and teach them to read and write. Some of the whites would even coincide with blacks and have dinner even if it meant that police would be surveying them the whole time. The advantages were that whites would teach black to read and write, but the disadvantages were that most whites were afraid of blacks. 2. Why were voter registration and political organizing the focus of Freedom Summer (Document 26.6)? Why did the…show more content…
He ordered the two Negros to beat her constantly until they were so exhausted they could no longer continue. The officer began to pull up her dress while she tried to keep him from doing so. Hamer believed that if the Democratic Party was not in favor of blacks becoming American citizens then America was not the home of the brave and land of the free. 5. Do you think President Johnson’s views toward seating the MFDP delegation (Document 26.11) were consistent with his vision of the Great Society? Explain. - He believed that seating the MFDP lawyer was a better choice than seating the challengers from Mississippi. If he sat the challengers then they would lose Mississippi and the border states such as Oklahoma and Kentucky. If he was to win the presidency he would guarantee the Freedom delegation someone who shared their views to have a seat within the next four years. He could not promise them something right away because it was too big of a task to do so quickly. In what ways did Freedom Summer succeed? In what ways did it
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