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History indicates that the problem of appropriation in art has become a fierce discussion to decide whether it is good or bad. Appropriation is in primary aspects, "the taking over of images with established meaning and identity and giving them a fresh meaning and identity" -Arthur Danto, After the end of art 1997 or the use of borrowed elements, aspects or techniques in the creation of a new piece. Appropriation today is seen as the deliberate reworking of images and styles from earlier, well known works of art. Many people including art historians, art enthusiasts and art critics see appropriation as a significant issue while other people see it as being improper or immoral.
You will also find a lot of people who find appropriation as a destroyer of art. It is of the attitude that art indeed feeds of itself and each and every artwork and art movement. History shows that artists have and have been using each other's work to depict different meanings, however, it is now that the use of it is questioned on whether is is an original one or just a CARBON COPY of some other work or someone else's work.
My Research helped me find out number of artists who are considered "Appropriation Artists" and they include Marcel Duchamp, Yasumasa Morimura, Maria Kozic, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci
Are there LIMITS to Appropriation?? well yes if you see there are limitations on appropriation to art. The main reason to this is that no one would want anyone copying their work,selling it,making money out of it or whatever. Taking ideas from an artists work or trying to look at the creative side of it and making your own art is a total different thing. but on the other note copying an artists work as it is and selling it is n...

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...pyright is something which is automatic upon creation meaning there is no need to register a work in some register office but the symbol © is used for notification purposes, to make people notice that the work is protected by 'copyright', but is not required for the protection to exist.Under Singapore’s Copyright Act, it is a criminal offense for a person copy anyones art. The statute of limitations for copyright infringement in Singapore is six years.It is not ideas but their expression that are protected by copyright law. An author of a copyright has the work has the right to republish, reproduce, perform, communicate and even adapt his work. These rights allow a copyright owner to control the commercial exploitation of his own work.copyright is kind of a property that can be traded. it can be licensed or even transferred (as an entire bundle or as a single right)

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