Appropriate Wildlife Management in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is a Central American country in tropical region. It is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Because of the unique location, Nicaragua is the home for various types of wild animals. Two species I will mention in this paper are Baird’s tapir and jaguarundi. They both live in rainforest ecosystem, which is the natural home for them. Just as all other species live in Nicaragua rainforest, Baird’s tapir and jaguarundi are facing habitat loss issue. Baird’s tapir is now endangered; jaguarundi is currently not endangered but also suffer a lot from deforestation. Putting in more effort to protect rainforest is one thing Nicaraguan government should do. Long term benefits that rainforest and wild animals live in rainforest are priceless. Baird’s tapir also have problems with hunting because the value of its meat. Building wildlife sanctuary is a possible solution.

Baird’s tapir, also as known as Central American tapir, is the first specie I want to talk about. According to the IUCN red list, Baird’s tapir is currently listed as an endangered specie. It was listed as vulnerable began from 1982. Since 2002, it became endangered. They can only be found in several Central American countries. Nicaragua is one of these countries. Two main reasons why Baird’s tapir is endangered are habitat loss and been hunted for meat.

In Nicaragua, Baird’s tapirs mostly live in rainforest located in Caribbean lowlands. Deforestation is the main concern for Baird’s tapir, as well as for many wild animals live in rainforest. In order to protect Baird’s tapirs, as well as many other wild animals that rely on the rainforest to survive, deforestation has to be stopped. Rainforest used to cover most area of Caribbean lowlands in Nicara...

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