Appropriate Types of Research Methods

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Since each sociological method has specific benefits and limitations, each is more appropriate for certain types of research. Thus, when a researcher begins a project, one of her most important decisions is which method to use. Comparison of the advantages of ethnography and survey. 1 Ethnographic offer a mean of studying group that are often overlooked by other methods(Katz 1997).these include deviant groups such as fight clubs(Jackson-Jacobs 2004) and exceptional groups such as elite athletes(Adler and Adler 1991). Ethnographic methods excel at telling stories that otherwise might not have been told.Survey on the other hand is one of the best methods to use for gathering original data on a population that is too large to study by other means, such as by direct observation or interviewing. Surveys can be widely distributed, reaching a large number of people.Researchers can then generalize their findings to an even larger population. 2 Ethnographies can challenge our taken-for-granted notions about groups we thought we thought we knew. For instance, from Edin and Kefalas's work on si...

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