Appropriate Approach by Government to Societal Challenges

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The 1930’s depression set a historic moment in which the American people suffered. The economy was declining with increased deaths from malnutrition and diseases. Unemployment plagued the nation. According to Gunderson & Cory (4) the situation grew worse until the government intervened. The intervention changed the role of government in safeguarding the people from economic decline. The depressions served as an opportunity for the government to elicit its mandate and enable the people reflect on its significance in stabilizing the economy. It is important to allow a laissez-faire type of leadership in the operation of government as it was supported by treasury secretary Andrew Mellon. The depression in America was tackled with the conservative approach as noted by Farmer & Brian (225). Then, President Herbert Hoover urged Americans to volunteer in helping one another. Hoover refused to give direct support to the American people. He failed to control businesses through taxes and never manipulated the value of the currency (Hoover). Hoover never embraced socialism in his view he knew this would lead to it. During the next election, Hoover attempted to convince the people that his actions were aimed at strengthening the dole rather than weaken it. This approach never worked for the Great Depression as the Americans suffered more. The approach also gained support from the cabinet but failed to achieve. The strategy adopted by President Herbert led to his fail during the next election as he could not convince the people about his action in the depression. It is important to use new strategies that will facilitate in solving the problem. This calls for the incorporation of the expansive approach in governance. If the conservative a... ... middle of paper ... ...government and the society for peaceful coexistence. It is advantageous if the leaders utilize both approaches in solving a similar problem. The conservative and expansive approach in problem solving will ensure enough options are weighed in coming up with the solution. I greatly support the incorporation of the two approaches, conservative and expansive in solving the problem and therefore take a middle ground. Both approaches are necessary in their own unique ways. Works Cited Farmer, Brian R. American Conservatism: History, Theory and Practice. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2005. Gunderson, Cory G. The Great Depression. Edina, Minn: ABDO, 2004. Hoover, Herbert. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. 10 7 1933. 9 12 2013 .
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