Applying Model of Needs to Planning Effective Healthcare Systems

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In order to define the need of health care and planning appropriate health care system, population level model of needs should be applied. The relationship between poverty and ill health has been researched for more than 100 years(scotch NHS web) and repeated studies have shown a strong relationship between material deprivation, poor health and the need for health care services (course material). In general terms more socially deprived populations experience more ill-health and also underutilize the health care system. There is therefore a role for population-based indicators of need to include some measure of social deprivation as this will capture an element of need for health care which is not necessarily apparent from observing the actual pattern of use. The construction of appropriate indicators of material deprivation in the population can therefore play an important role in the health care planning process. (course material). Factors such as , single parents, children, elderly, low car owners and unemployment have been identified as contributing to need for primary health care. The Carstairs scores has been used extensively as standard measures of social deprivation in health care analysis and planning studies. It uses four variables.

The purpose of this paper is to construct and map a health-oriented deprivation index for a study area in southern England.

There are many deprivation indices that are not solely based on census data. Moran and Baker 2006 selected Carstais deprivation index for analysing presents patterns of material deprivation across England and Wales because it is based just on census results which have the advantage of allowing objective results for the entire population. Mor...

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This shows wards shaded with grey areas being the least deprived and rose and red coloured areas are the most deprived. The most deprived areas were centred around the Portsmouth, Havant and Southampton cities where population in obviously dense.

Mapping allows the identification of geographic patterns of deprivation within regions. Philip McLoone 1994 noted that importance of keeping in mind the other features of small areas - such as their demography and urban/rural differences - that are also important for health planning. However carstairs score reflect the socio-economic characteristics of localities. According to deprivation map we could conclude that need of health care is more likely to be higher in the high populated city centre. Also it is clearly seen that rural areas mostly classified into least and moderate deprivation.
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