Applied Nostalgia

Applied Nostalgia Without past memories, Americans lack a standard to base present conditions upon. These memories lie carefully shuffled and categorized in the giant shifter called the brain to crudely approximate the present standard of life. They hope to draw gratification and fulfillment in the progression of the quality of their and especially their children’s lives. This innate desire to compare the past to the present drives personal and political decisions, especially conservatives who advocate a change to the policies and values of the past. Today, the faded memories of an emerging group of parents of their post-World War II upbringing, like cherished family dinners around the kitchen oak table and careless excursions into town, against a perceived modern backdrop haze of random violence, date rape, and single parent households, turned a group of parent’s hearts and minds to the bygone 1950s. They hope to revive their cherished childhood memories. The Medveds, parental authors, recall their upbringing: “The women enjoyed being home for the kids” and “peers came over for basketball and homemade lemonade” (Paul 64). Shalit, author of Return to Modesty: A Lost Virtue remembers when past women helped around the community and raised their children with a unparalleled dedication (Paul 64). In the wake of the Colorado school massacre such a move seems justified. Yet, even in spite of many social ills of our “drug-addicted, sex-obsessed, morally lax and spiritually bankrupt society” (Paul 64) parents remain skeptical. of such a drastic reversal in a drastically changed time. For now, the skepticism over the reversal to the past merits further examination before any drastic action. The parents advocati... ... middle of paper ... ...f the Family: Rethinking Family Values in a Postmodern Age 5 May 1999 Raasch, Brian. Personal Interview. 14 Apr. 1998 “Two Parent Families by Ethnic Group: 1994 US Census Data” University of Virginia. 5 May 1999 West. 1 Nov. 1998 Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life. 13 Apr. 1999 UCSF “The California Work and Health Survey—1998 Story #2: The State of Working Parents in California Graphic Summary for Publication September 8, 1998.” 8 Sept. 1998 University of California at San Fransisco. 12 Apr. 1998 U of C “May 8, 1998 Release From the Survey of Ohio’s Working Families: New Family and Work Survey at University of Cincinnati Fund Family is Where the Heart is.” University of Cincinnati/The Kunz Center for the Study of Work and Family 9 Apr. 1998 White, Burton L. The First Years of Life. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1975.
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