Applied Cryogenics Marketing Strategy

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STATEMENT OF A STRATEGY The definition of the market strategy for Applied Cryogenics is based on concept of "strategic triangle". This is the top-level objectives, regarding which the hierarchy of objectives for the organizational units of the company is aligns. CORPORATE OBJECTIVES Primarily corporate goals are aimed at profit making, but Applied Cryogenics is a just launched project, so it is not profitable for stackeholders therefore to change this situation, at this stage, the acceptable objectives are as follows: - develop and strengthen and protect the brand; - provide to the consumer a qualitatively new product and service; - find sources of supply of raw materials and energy; - maintain the quality of existing assets; - expand geography of sales within New Zealand. THE STRATEGIC POSITION OF PRODUCT ON…show more content…
Unique properties of the product are the factors which provide growth. PRODUCT MARKETING STRATEGY For the selection of marketing strategy for our product we use analytical tool developed by the founder of the concept of strategic management by a Russian origin American Igor Ansov. This tool is known to marketing specialists as Ansoff 's matrix. According to this matrix new product development strategy is most of all suitable for our innovative product, which is new to New Zealand market. New product development strategy is a strategy of extensive growth and it suggests the company to enter new geographical markets or new target segments of consumers of existing products or services, and to increase the income and profit in the long-term period by means of attracting new audiences. It is the growth strategy with the highest potential. In case of successful application of this strategy, this segment of a matrix will pass into the «existing market and existing product» and company will be able to apply market penetration

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